Types of Outdoor Furniture

Everyone needs outdoor furniture at their home. It provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors when the weather permits so you can enjoy the beautiful air. But with as many types of Canadian outdoor furniture how can you pick?


Wicker is a popular type of furniture. It is a bit harder to care for than other types but is attractive, long lasting, and available in many styles.


Plastic furniture is popular because it is cheap, can be used year-round and is available in tons of styles. It isn’t very durable, however, and colors will quickly fade in the sun so keep that in mind.


Wood furniture for your outdoor areas adds charm and elegance but weather can easily take its toll on wood. Many wood styles are available. Wood is one of the more expensive outdoor furniture types but most find that is well worth paying the extra money to own.


When it is strength and durability that you seek in your outdoor pieces, it is steel furniture that you want to consider. You might think of steel as being unattractive but just the opposite is true. Rust is the biggest issues with steel but it is easy to care for and can be used all year long.

How to Pick your Style

When choosing the bet outdoor furniture for your needs, make sure that you look at your options, set your budget and know what you want. How often will you use the furniture? Where will you put it when it is purchased? These are just some of the considerations that you want to keep in mind. The styles above are just some that you can pick from. At the end of the day you will be glad that you took the time to sort through the choices.