Tips for Safe use of Fire Ladders

Using fire escape ladders can save your life. If you live on anything but the first floor of a home, it is imperative you have an escape ladder ready for use. But, as with any product that you use, safety tips and precautions are necessary to ensure that you’re making the most out of your product when it is most needed.

Tip One: Use ladders only on floors up to the third. They can be dangerous when used on higher floors.

Tip Two: Carefully choose the ladder that you purchase, as each has different purposes and uses. You want to ensure the best ladder is at your disposal in case of emergency.

Tip Three: Read all the instructions accompanying the ladder before attempting to set it up. You need to make sure that it is properly set up so no additional accidents are possible.

Tip Four: Ensure windows where the ladder is installed can be opened with ease.

Tip Five: Fire ladders shouldn’t be used as practice drills. Use them during emergency situations only.

Tip Six: Do your research before purchasing a ladder. The more that you know, the more confident in your purchase you can be.

Tip Seven: Only purchase certified ladders that have been safety tested and are sure to help you at the time needed the most.

Tip Eight: Consider professional installation of the ladder. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry and professionals know just what to do to get your ladder properly set up.

Fire ladders help save lives and may very well help save yours or that of someone dear and near to your heart. Purchase an escape ladder if you don’t have one already, keeping the tips above in mind when you do.  Safety is always a top priority.